Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Theory, Practical, and Advanced Training
2016-2017 Edition


Become a UAV pilot

Founded in 1968, CQFA has been training UAV pilots since 2007, back when light UAVs were mostly used for research in agriculture, and as flying cameras by visionary motion picture producers. Since 2013, UAVs applications have been growing in popularity and include geomatics, agriculture, mining, land surveying, engineering, environment, law enforcement, along with the ever-increasing use of UAVs by the movie/advertisement industry. Despite the perceived growth however, most Canadian UAV operators still have difficulty realizing operational profits.

UAVs share the blue skies with airplanes and helicopters. and as such, UAV pilots must study the Canadian aviation system and be able to quickly determine the legality and safety of their operations. In Canada, there is no such thing as a UAV License, or UAV Permit, of any kind. UAV flying requires an authorization from TC Canada for almost  every flight. This authorization is a certificate is called S.F.O.C. For a pilot to be issued a SFOC, he/she must know the aviation system, airspace, aviation regulation, etc.  Taking a structured training program is not mandatory in Canada. UAV pilots may study on their own, follow structured programs, or only take courses on specific topics and self-study others. Canadian UAV training organizations are never certified, licensed or otherwise recognized by Transport Canada. UAV pilots are always liable for the inconveniences, harm, or damage their UAVs may cause.

CQFA offers a variety of training solutions for recreational and professional UAV pilots, such as an introduction to the Canadian regulatory framework, a complete ground school, several advanced workshops, applied human factors and risk management courses and in collaboration with a renowned operator, hands-on practical courses.

Learners study at their own pace. All begin with a rapid overview of the regulatory framework of light UAV flying in Canada. This 3-hour, animated introduction allows learners to make direct connections between the Canadian regulatory environment and operational requirements, as well as with proven the human factors. Pilots then complement their training with advanced topics covering the six vectors stated above, beginning with the current regulatory situation. The complete path meets Transport Canada's knowledge requirement in TP15263E.

Theory is essentially studied using CQFA's award-winning eLearning platform before the participants attend two classroom lectures. Classroom Day A and B cover the theory of flight and meteorological messages. All your questions are answered too!. Learners may attend each day as they wish, at no extra cost. At the end of Classroom Day B, participants may write CQFA's theory exam, as well as the Industry Canada's Canadian Restricted Radio Operator exam.


About the CQFA

CQFA is one of the oldest aviation colleges in Canada and a founding member of Collegiate Aviation Canada. For 48 years, CQFA has been training professional airline, bush, and helicopter pilots at its main campus located at St-Honore Airport. CQFA's Industry Service Department located near Trudeau International Airport in Montreal, has been training aviation managers, inspectors, and operators from all around the world, including UAV pilots from North and South America. CQFA's faculty are all seasoned, career professors.

Registration and Useful Information

CQFA's UAV training always takes a break during the hard winter months. We use this time to review and update all training material, as well as the training objectives. After all, this is an ever-changing industry. Last year's solution isn't always the best option for this year. Some of the titles listed below will only be available later this spring.

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Regulatory Framework of Small UAV Flying
Unique in Canada, this online training course is the first step in your professional training. It provides a concise picture of the Canadian Aviation Regulations and the Aeronautics Act, in an animated format, completely taught by an instructor. It introduces the flight rules, airspace and flight plans with practical examples. This is the perfect introduction to UAV flying and excellent for visual observers. Consider this as the door to professional UAV pilot training. Most of the topics covered will not repeated in the advanced courses.


UAV Pilot For A Day
Spend a memorable day with Canadian expert UAV pilots before investing your savings! You will learn basic UAV flying techniques with KoptR's drones, in a secure location. This day includes the Regulatory Framework online course, before you show up at KoptR's. (Available now. This event is 100% credited when registering to KoptR's hands-on UAV flying lessons)


Sold by KoptR Image Inc.

Commercial UAV Operations Basics
Six-hour classroom lecture and workshop animated by a seasoned lecturer. Industry training format, given at your company. Introduces UAV technology, regulatory framework and business development. An exceptional time spent in confidence with an industry expert. (Available now)





Online UAV Ground School Package
Complete online UAV theory based on Transport Canada's TP15263E Knowledge Requirements for Pilots of Unmanned Air Vehicle Systems (UAV) 25 kg or Less, Operating within Visual Line of Sight. This course precedes the classroom A & B Days and the written exam. You study at your own pace in the comfort of your living room, with your laptop or tablet. As new courses are published, participants will be enrolled automatically. (Available in May 2016)


In redesign


Restricted Operator Certificate Training
Online guided study to write the Restricted Operator Certificate With Aeronautical Qualification (ROC-A) exam on Day B.


Hands-on UAV Flying Lessons
Hands-on flying lessons with professional pilots with years of civil and military experience in Canada and overseas. Use KoptR's UAVs, follow a detailed training program. Spend five days with mentors, outside in the wind.

Avail now
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Electro-mechanical Training
Hands-on UAV assembly workshop at KoptR's quided by qualified technicians and UAV professionals. Day 1 : Open the box and built your new F450 Naza-M V2 from A to ZZ. Day 2 : Learn to calibrate, tune and fly your F450 with your new FrSky Taranis Plus X9D remote control, then bring your UAV + remote home.


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Intensive Training on Lithium-ion Polymer Batteries
Intensive one-day course, all you need to know about LiPo batteries, including hands-on charge/discharge lab. Lab equipment included.


Online and in classroom

Threat & Error Management in UAV Operations
This online TEM training uses tutorials, a quiz and an exam to complement the Light UAV Professional Pilot Course offered by the CQFA, at no additional cost. The accidents presented in the course are actual and real. It takes 2 hours to complete, presents the origins of TEM, and offers the knowledge to implement TEM in your daily UAV operations.






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Jean LaRoche FRAeS, Director of Reasearch & Develpment, CQFA
UAV CE Inauguration Presentation, Alma, 27 February 2014