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Threat and Error Management Course
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A 1984 CQFA graduate, Jean LaRoche, FRAeS, became an IFR flight instructor before flying in the Canadian Arctic. He later joined Air Canada and flew B727, DC9 and A340 and remained active within the Air Canada training department and the CQFA. He specialized in Human Factors and Cockpit Resources Management training. Jean is the most senior Transport Canada certified Accredited Check Pilot instructor and still runs the monthly CQFA ACP program with Capt. Gary James.

In 1990, Jean co-authored the WOMBAT Situational Awareness and Stress Tolerance Test which is now in use in 46 countries. He has authored several professional syllabi and was a consultant with European and Asian airlines.

Today Jean is CQFA's Director of Research & Development, in charge of  international development, the Civil Aviation Administrator Leadership Program, the Accredited Check Pilot Course as well as courses in human factors and UAV operations He manages a team of 24 faculty. He is a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society, a member of Unmanned Systems Canada, and is President of the Collegiate Aviation Canada, the Canadian association of aviation colleges.

Target Group

This TEM online training complements CQFA's Light UAV Professional Pilot Course and as such, is offered at no additional cost to registered participants.


Threat and Error Management is CQFA's signature training initiated by Capt. Frank Tullo. It introduces the concept of "Threats", those things that are the precursors to errors that may decrease safety margins in aviation. The TEM system uses established behavioral markers that will assist in creating "Strategies" that will prevent threats from leading to errors and negative consequences. The course provides an applied, practical approach to explaining TEM principles. Threat and error management is an invaluable tool in professional UAV operations creation and compliments any effort to identify hazards in any operation. Other Human Factors models are also studied in this course and used in real-life UAV accident analysis. Candidates are guided in three analysis processes of the same scenarios and discover valuable lessons.

Educational Approach
This online TEM training uses tutorials, a quiz and an exam to complement the Light UAV Professional Pilot Course offered by the CQFA, at no additional cost. The accidents presented in the course happened for real. It takes 2 hours to complete and presents the origins of TEM and offers the knowledge to implement TEM in your daily UAV operations.




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