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Approved* Surface Contamination Initial and Recurrent Training Program
3 hours online

Module 1

Presentation of the CQFA
Course presentation
Why do we train for surface contamination and airborne icing ?
TC and surface contamination and airborne icing training

Module 2
Where do icing conditions originate ?

Different types of contaminants
Different types of airborne icing
Intensity of icing
Systems associated with icing conditions
Factors influencing the accumulation of ice on critical surfaces

Module 3
Aerodynamic effects of ice accumulation

Types of effects
Roll excursion (roll upset)
Pitch excursion (tail stall)
Certification for flight into known icing

Module 4

Different ways to de-ice aircraft
Types of fluids
Factors that will influence holdover times
Holdover time tables
Quality of fluid and temperature buffer

Module 5
De-icing / Anti-icing procedures

One step method
Two-step method
Spraying order
Areas not to be sprayed
Critical surfaces inspection
Health affects

Case studies

* When this training course is listed in the Operator's Pilot Training Manual, it becomes recognized by TC.



Price : 75$CAD


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